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Alcester Town Council Civic Awards Evening

On 19th January 2024, AMTC was delighted to perform at the Greig Hall in Alcester as part of the Alcester Town Council Civic Awards Evening.

The performance

We were invited by Mayor of Alcester, Councillor Vaughan Blake, to sing a selection of songs in front of an audience that included the Marquess of Hertford, members of the Alcester Town Council and nominees for various awards.

Our programme included:

  • Master of the House - company with solos (Paul Alexander and Ruth Hargreaves)

  • I Know I Have a Heart - solo (Charlotte McKay)

  • When I Grow Up - company

  • Losing My Mind - solo (Christa Gaskell)

  • Let There Be Love - solo (Paul Alexander)

  • For Now - company

The performance was a resounding success, and the mayor and deputy mayor were very quick to congratulate us. We also received praise from many of the audience members during the interval.


The surprise

While we might have thought that our involvement in the evening ended with our performance, there was still a surprise to come.

After all the awards had been presented, the mayor announced that a special Lifetime Achievement Award was due to be handed out - and the winner was none other than Cynthia Hill, a lifetime member of AMTC.

Mayor Blake stated: "Cynthia has been a member of Alcester Musical Theatre Company (AMTC) for 60 years. Originally known as Alcester Amateur Theatre and Operatic Society, Cynthia has only missed one AMTC show during those years and that was when John (her esteemed husband) was High Bayliff and her duties took her away. She has been part of the AMTC committee for most of her time with the group, taking on the role of Chair or Vice-Chair for the most part. 

"With many years of experience, Cynthia has been able to provide the energy and stoic determination to make sure that AMTC has continued to be successful throughout those 60 years. Every show, she is there with her needle and thread, extra costumes and hats of all type.  Always ready, always prepared to sort out any minor costume crisis. In the last show, Legally Blonde, she took care of two of the stars of the show, who happened to be dogs. Dog biscuits provided, free of charge of course!

"She has been responsible for the collection of society costumes over many years and has a vast array of different costumes stored in her purpose-built loft, much to the delight of all AMTC members (her husband isn’t as keen). This means she has always been a great resource for fancy dress parties and small plays alike!

"It may surprise you to know that Cynthia quietly goes about her business in front of the company, and many are unaware of her involvement or singled-handed approach to making sure everything happens. Where she is very visible and vocal, is being responsible for tickets sales for over 40 years, always providing the coffee, tea and biscuits at rehearsals (free of charge) and, along with John, sponsoring the annual free bus trip to see AMTC’S major show in Redditch (not many people know that).

"Her participation in all of AMTC's shows is reflected in a well-worn phrase among company members: 'Leave it to Cynth!'. Whatever it is, it happens.

"This award goes to Cynthia Hill for her hard work and total commitment to the Alcester Musical Theatre Company."

We're incredibly proud of Cynthia and want to pass on our congratulations from everyone at AMTC!

Paul Alexander, Chair, AMTC


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