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My Fair Lady.png


3-6 October 2018

Redditch Palace Theatre

Director: Bev Hatton

Assistant Director: Julie Sterenberg

Musical Director: Phil Radden

Choreographer: Naomi Beckford

Book: Alan Jay Lerner

Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner

Music: Frederick Loewe



When arrogant phonetics professor Henry Higgins comes across Cockney working-class girl Eliza Doolittle on the street, he decides to prove his talent by transforming her into a high society lady. Eliza initially agrees in order to improve her job prospects, but the two soon begin to clash with Eliza rebelling against Higgins's harsh methods and Higgins frustrated by her lack of progress.

After Eliza surprises them both with her perfect pronunciation, Higgins begins to test her in public, first at Ascot Racecourse and later at the Embassy Ball. The experiments are largely a success and also lead Eliza to capture the heart of Freddy Eynsford-Hill.

Higgins takes full credit for Eliza's transformation into a lady. Insulted, Eliza leaves the Higgins house, but struggles to return to her old life now that she is a lady. Meanwhile Higgins begins to reminisce about their relationship and realises that he has grown attached to Eliza. When Eliza unexpectedly returns, Higgins maintains his usual abrasive manner, but is undeniably pleased about their reunion.



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